Steiger Compact School Online

**10 - 19 July 2020 **
ONE school with par­tic­i­pa­tion in BOTH week­ends re­quired
Free (reg­is­tra­tion re­quired, ca­pac­i­ty is lim­it­ed)

This life-chang­ing school, held over two week­ends, will pro­vide you with an in-depth un­der­stand­ing of the Glob­al Youth Cul­ture and teach the Steiger val­ues, prin­ci­ples, and mod­els for rel­e­vant­ly shar­ing Je­sus and mak­ing dis­ci­ples among young peo­ple who would not usu­al­ly walk into a church.
Steiger speak­ers from around the world will pro­vide teach­ing and op­por­tu­ni­ties for dis­cus­sion that will rev­o­lu­tion­ize your life. You will wor­ship and pray to­geth­er with peo­ple from coun­tries across the globe, unit­ing as the in­ter­na­tion­al body of Christ!