The Steiger City Teams are dynamic missionary groups, that aim at reaching the Global Youth Culture by sharing the Gospel in the creative way, raising up disciples and making long-term relationships with the local churches.
Nowadays, many young people have the wrong perception of the Good News and the Church. We live in the rapidly developing society, that has created its own culture, while the Church is regarded as the old-fashioned institution. The Steiger teams’ priority is to change this image by cooperating with the local churches and sharing the Gospel beyond the church walls.

  • Creates the team, whose members get strongly involved in the local church
  • Develops the culture of “seeking God” by prayers, Bible studies and worship
  • Is constantly active in the city life
  • Engages regularly in the creative evangelism.
  • Provides space for discipleship through the Community House, Open House and weekly Bible studies
  • Organizes annually on the wide scale many evangelistic activities, including concerts, interactive art exhibitions and missionary outreaches.
  • Offers the annually mission trainings - the Steiger seminars, Compact School, conferences
  • Establishes the partnership network with churches and ministries all around the city
  • Invests continuously in the new leaders, so as to establish the new city teams.

Our global vision is to establish 100 Steiger City Teams by 2025 around the world. So far in Poland there are two dynamically teams in Poland.
Without God and the people our dreams will remain unfulfilled.
See how we work and join us!

Wro­claw is one of the biggest cities in Poland boast­ing about its unique stu­dents-cul­tur­al at­mos­phere. Steiger in Wro­claw was es­tab­lished in 2016, that is when “Sfera” was or­ga­nized on the oc­ca­sion of the open­ing of the Eu­ro­pean Cap­i­tal of the Cul­ture and also the Com­pact School.
One year lat­er we or­ga­nized the evan­ge­lis­tic train­ing, which pre­pared the young peo­ple from dif­fer­ent con­gre­ga­tions of Wrocław to go out to­geth­er on the street in or­der to share the Good News in a cre­ative and in the most clear way. That was the be­gin­ning of the form­ing a new Steiger team in Wro­claw, head­ed by Ania Green­wood. In the mean­time the dif­fer­ent evan­ge­lis­tic con­certs had been or­ga­nized such as No Longer Mu­sic or the Un­rest, cul­tur­al events in the cul­tur­al cen­ters, clubs, schools, fes­ti­vals or on the Slodowa Is­land. At the start of 2018 in the very cen­ter of Wro­claw, the com­mu­ni­ty house was es­tab­lished.
We pro­claim the gospel to the many cul­tur­al en­vi­ron­ments by do­ing cre­ative ac­tions, rel­e­vant dis­ci­ple­ship and part­ner­ship with the city and the lo­cal church­es. Cur­rent­ly the team is rep­re­sent­ed by of a dozen vol­un­teers from dif­fer­ent lo­cal church­es and also by mis­sion­ar­ies from Poland, Brazil and USA.

Our projects:

(lub pro­jek­ty, w których biorą udzi­ał nasi ludzie)

  • The Gate Wro­claw - it is an al­ter­na­tive club es­tab­lished by the Chris­t­ian Fel­low­ship of Wro­claw, strong­ly team­ing up with the mis­sion, that by the cul­ture and act­ing in the city, reach­es the mul­ti-gift­ed young peo­ple. Through mak­ing con­certs, work­shops, lec­tures and an at­mos­phere of open­ness are built the long-term re­la­tion­ships that are to point to God.
  • Move­ment - events or­gan­ised in Wrocław clubs by Steiger and The Gate
  • The Rock Cul­ture
  • Ważkie Roz­mowy
  • Odnowie­nie (Re­new­al) - is a fes­ti­val of uni­ty, packed with dozens of free work­shops, con­certs, lec­tures and events or­ga­nized by the lo­cal church­es and the chris­t­ian or­ga­ni­za­tions stand­ing to­geth­er in prayer.
  • Al­pha Course
  • On­line Bible Study
  • Com­mu­ni­ty House - it is a apart­ment in the ten­e­ment, lo­cat­ed in the very cen­tre of Wro­claw, in­hab­it­ed by the group of girls. This is a place of mak­ing the Steiger Team gath­er­ings, the Bible Study and the Cul­tur­al evan­ge­lis­tic events called Open House. We are the fam­i­ly, which cares for each oth­er in both good and bad times.

Join to us

If you want to join our team or have any ques­tions, don’t hes­i­tate to write to us at: ani­a­green­